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Whether you are facing a dissolution, a contentious custody case or other stress-inducing family law matter, it can be overwhelming to handle it on your own. Researching your issues online without legal assistance can lead you down a number of roads that may or may not help you find the answer you need. Contacting the Law Office of Genevieve A. Suzuki is the first step toward unraveling your knots.

But what exactly does it mean to contact an attorney to help you with your family law matter? The steps below will help you find the clarity you seek when entering the legal arena with an attorney.



Make first contact by calling or emailing our office to schedule an in-office, virtual or telephonic appointment. We offer a free half-hour initial consultation to figure out your legal needs.



If after you have met with our attorneys you decide to retain our office, we will send you a fee agreement and a request for a retainer. Once you retain our office, our formal attorney-client relationship begins.


Strategy Session

After you retain us you need to get us any documents you have regarding your case. We will also need to speak on the phone and/or meet in our office to discuss your options in moving forward.



Family law comprises several different proceedings, some you may or may not need to attend. Hiring our office means having the peace of mind to know someone will be there for and with you.

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